The Lore Van Keer cabinet is an interior design artefact adding a sense of quiet appreciation and wonder to the storage of precious objects. Even though its purpose is functional, its form is inspired by the abstract shapes of contemporary architecture.

The elegant luxury of the design allows your cabinet to claim its place in your interior as a worthy design object on its own.

A storage artefact that is made to remain in sight, your cabinet invites you to (re-)discover what’s inside: a cabinet of personal wonders, keepsakes and precious moments waiting to be enriched, experienced or shared.


Made from recycled black leather, in line with the Lore Van Keer conscious approach to materials.

Interior tray for added balance and usability.

The Lore Van Keer cabinet extends the aesthetic usability of jewellery boxes to a storage object for wider use, allowing you to store personal items in a design artefact worthy of its precious content.

The LVK cabinet is the first in a new series of Lore Van Keer artefacts, inspired by the 10 years of LVK celebrations: honouring the signature LVK architectural design approach by using it as a beacon for exploring new territory.